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Trust Ashton’s Place LLC for expert engine repair in Christiansburg, VA. The engine of a car is a complex device that is essential for taking you from one place to another. Car engines are not designed to last a lifetime. However, by carrying out routine preventative maintenance, you may lengthen your engine’s lifespan. Any difficulties with your engine should not be disregarded. Take steps to repair minor engine problems rather than waiting for bigger issues to arise. By doing this, you avoid suffering significant harm that could cost you a lot more money. Bring your car, truck, or SUV to Ashton’s Place LLC in Christiansburg, VA, for concerns about an engine problem. From precision engine part repair to diagnostic check engine light repair, our qualified mechanics are ready to help you. Contact us online or call (540) 577-3229 to schedule an appointment today.

Engine Maintenance


Regular engine maintenance for your car is the simplest approach to ensure top performance and fuel efficiency. Here are some of our recommendations for routine maintenance to maintain your engine in Montgomery County, VA.

  • Use the proper weight of oil when changing your oil, and change it frequently.
  • Replace your timing belt according to the manufacturer.
  • Give your engine as much time as you can to warm up before driving, especially in cold weather. This will prevent overloading the engine and allow the oil to reach every component.

Signs That Your Car, Truck or SUV

Needs an Engine Repair

Illuminated Check Engine Light: A check engine light can indicate many problems. These range from a damaged oxygen sensor or catalytic converter to a loose fuel cap or something else. Do not ignore the check engine light.

Engine Does Not Start: When you turn the key and the engine does not start, this could mean a problem with fuel processing.

Your Fuel Efficiency is Down: Your vehicle is consuming more fuel than usual, and in turn, you are getting fewer miles per gallon.

You Feel Strange Movements While Idling: If you feel shaking, pulsing, vibrating, or other unusual feelings in your car, truck, or SUV, schedule a visit for us to take a look.

Strange Noise Coming From Under the Hood: A car, truck, or SUV that makes grinding, popping, clanging, or clunking noises from the engine compartment needs inspected. Whatever the problem, the noise will not get better on its own. Additionally, ignoring these noises can lead to considerably more expensive repairs.

Parts and Systems That Directly Affect

the Actions of the Engine

Engine Head Gasket
Exhaust System
Catalytic Converter
Ignition System
Ignition Wires
Fuel Pump
Water Pump
Spark Plug
Timing Belts
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head

Trust Ashton’s Place LLC for expert engine repair

in Christiansburg, VA.