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Prevent a Transmission Replacement

With Repairs by Ashton’s Place LLC

If your car’s transmission is leaking fluid or is slipping, visit Ashton’s Place LLC for transmission repair in Christiansburg, VA. A crucial component at the heart of your car’s drivetrain is the transmission. Any issue with your truck’s transmission will eventually leave the vehicle inoperable. Following recommended maintenance suggestions from the manufacturer will help prevent transmission damage. If you do find your transmission giving you trouble, call Ashton’s Place LLC at (540) 577-3229 to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us online or even stop in for a walk-in appointment during the week. Our mechanics are experts in both automatic and manual transmissions.

What We Check Prior to a

Transmission Repair at Ashton’s Place LLC

Transmission maintenance should not be disregarded. Your vehicle’s transmission is linked to several important components, all of which must function correctly for your safety. When checking a transmission problem, we look at:

Transfer Case
Front Differentials
Rear Differentials

Signs That Your Car, Truck, or SUV

Needs Transmission Repair

Trouble Shifting Gears: When pressed, the clutch pedal either gives way completely or sinks to the ground. Changing gears is impossible, and the gear shift will occasionally become stuck.
You Feel the Transmission Slipping: When you put your automatic transmission in “Drive,” the engine seems to rev quickly at a high RPM.
Transmission Fluid Leaking: If your transmission fluid is low or you see a puddle of fluid under your vehicle, it may indicate a leak.
Vehicle is Inoperative: If the car does not start at all, it may be a sign of a major transmission failure.
Strange Noise From the Transmission: If you hear noise emanating from your transmission, it can mean that the transmission parts are touching each other improperly. Transmissions are almost completely noiseless in their regular operation.
Check Engine Light Is On: Whether the issue is with your transmissions or something else, our specialists will be able to identify it.

Get Back On The Road

Quickly With Quick Diagnosis And Repairs

Our main objective is to get our devoted clients back behind the wheel of their cars as quickly as possible. For the mechanics at Ashton’s Place LLC, diagnostics are always thorough. We make sure that we do not give you any services or repairs that you do not need. Our knowledgeable auto technicians can thoroughly disassemble your transmission, find any problems, and decide whether or not repairs are possible. To get your transmission fixed and your car back on the roads in Christiansburg, VA, rely on Ashton’s Place LLC. We have the best network of parts suppliers, manufacturer expertise, and skilled mechanics.

Visit Ashton’s Place LLC for transmission repair

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